Network Security Audits


Network Security Audits

What Is Network Audits?

Network audits or we can say it as a Network Security Testing. Networks are dynamic entities they grow, shrink, change and divide themselves continuously.

Network auditing is the collective measures done to analyze, study and gather data about a network with the purpose of ascertaining its health in accordance with the network/organization requirements. Network auditing primarily provides insight into how effective network control and practices are, i.e. its compliance to internal and external network policies and regulations.

Network administrators cannot even assume this process is entirely under their control. Users add devices and sometimes even new hardware to the network infrastructure. Even worse, it is not the first time a user would install software they need without informing the administrator. These activities can have drastic repercussions on network security. To solve this, an administrator needs to perform regular network auditing and to monitor any changes to the present baseline.

Why Network Audits?

Many small-medium business owners think they are safe from cyber threats such as hackers, network viruses, malware, ransomware or any cyber-security breach. Yet, more than 70 per cent of cyber attacks target SMBs because owners wrongfully believe hackers are only interested in going after big companies.

On an average for every breach in the system and each lost or stolen record is estimated at the $158 globally and upwards of $220 for the U.S. – this includes lawsuits, legal assistance, compliance and notification, IT consulting, recovering data, crisis communications, and new network systems. Considering the number of cyber attacks against smaller businesses, it’s no surprise that 60% of them will go out of business within six months of a breach.

Why CyberCure for Networks Audits?

With rich experience of more than 100 Network Security clients, CyberCure is one of the best Network Audit companies in India, its prime objective is to support the industry to enable them to conduct their business in a more secure, efficient and effortless manner, maintain the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the valuable information and reduce business losses caused due to various network threats & attacks.

CyberCure possesses vast experience in conducting VAPTs across various organizations in India. CyberCure Network Audits will locate the digital vulnerabilities that your business is facing and provide recommendations to ensure proper security controls are integrated into your technology environment.

CyberCure’s in-depth Network Audit helps you achieve effective risk management and security compliance from cyber threats.

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